Pre notice on organizing and implementing major innovation projects in Henan
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Provinces, municipalities, and counties directly under the county (city) science and technology bureaus, provincial relevant departments (units), and relevant units:

According to the spirit of the "four batches" work experience exchange conference on scientific and technological innovation in Henan Province, in order to drive and strengthen the innovation support for sustainable projects, the "four batches" will be introduced and upgraded through major innovation projects to effectively promote the high-quality development of Henan Province, and the province will start the implementation of the "one million" transformation and upgrading of innovation projects. In order to promote the relevant work as soon as possible, the study has decided to advance the deployment of 100 major innovation organizations. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

Organization mode

In accordance with the principle of "highlighting key industries, focusing on key links and relying on key enterprises", the provincial and municipal major innovation projects are organized and implemented in a way of linking provinces with municipalities, giving priority to municipalities, initiating municipal plans first, selecting the best from provinces and then subsidizing them, so as to speed up the breakthrough of key technologies and accelerate the transformation of innovative achievements. To promote industrial chain reengineering and value chain upgrading, support the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries and the development of strategic industries. Provincial municipalities, directly administered counties (cities) and relevant departments (units) directly under the provincial government give full play to their local and systematic advantages, concentrate on innovative resources, excavate and discover a number of major innovative projects, initiate projects, and recommend them to the provincial science and technology department. In accordance with the principle of "comprehensive planning and dynamic adjustment", the provincial science and Technology Department lists the recommended projects in the reserve of provincial major innovation projects, determines the provincial major innovation projects by means of competitive selection and batch support, and is supported by the provincial major science and technology projects or industrial clusters in self-created areas.

Two. Key areas

(1) Five leading industries: equipment manufacturing, food manufacturing, new material manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and automobile manufacturing;

(2) 12 key industries: intelligent terminals and information technology, high-end equipment, cold chain and leisure food, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, CNC machine tools and robots, energy-saving and environmental protection and new energy equipment, biomedical and health industries, modern home, quality light textile industry, new metallurgical materials, modern chemical materials, new green Color building materials;

(3) Other industries: artificial intelligence, large data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, biological breeding, modern agriculture and so on.

Three, basic requirements

(1) Focusing on key areas and combining the advantages of local industries, the implementation of major innovation projects in the province should concentrate on tackling key technological problems or developing and industrializing major innovative products. The overall level of technological innovation is in the leading or advanced position in China, and can effectively enhance the level of industrial innovation, consolidate and expand industrial advantages. Drive related industrial cluster development.

(2) Provincial key projects for major innovations should be based on enterprises and encourage collaborative innovation among enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes. The project undertaking unit shall be an independent legislator unit registered in the province for more than one year (registration time is before May 31, 2017), and shall have a research and development platform at or above the provincial level (including provincial level).

(3) If the undertaking unit of the project is an enterprise, it shall have the ability to organize and complete the R&D of the project and the ability to raise funds; the net assets at the end of last year shall not be less than three times that of the financial funds applied for; the R&D input approved by the auditors in the previous year shall account for the proportion of the main business income; the large and medium-sized enterprises shall not be less than 1.5%; and other enterprises shall not be less than 3%.

(4) If the undertaking unit of the project is a university, scientific research institute or other institution, it shall have a good foundation for industrial cooperation and the ability to realize the industrialization of the project. The projects implemented by provincial universities and scientific research institutes should be supported by provincial departments or municipalities, and the projects implemented by the central research institutes in Henan should be supported by the higher authorities or municipalities.

(5) Project assessment indicators highlight key technological breakthroughs, economic and social benefits and industrial driving capacity enhancement. The main indicators of overall assessment and annual assessment should be clear, quantitative and assessable.

(six) the project leader must have a senior professional title or doctor's degree. Enterprises (project leaders of public institutions) that have undertaken research projects supported by provincial finance but have not yet completed or accepted the project after the deadline may not apply for new project funds. In principle, the same project leader can only undertake a project supported by provincial financial funds annually.

(7) If the same project has been supported by provincial financial funds, it shall not be duplicated or disguised to apply for special fund support.

(eight) encourage the cooperation of production, teaching and research, the nature of the cooperative unit and the scope of the territory. The undertaking unit shall sign a cooperative agreement with the cooperative unit, stipulating the division of tasks, the mode of assessment, the allocation of funds, the ownership of intellectual property rights and the distribution of income.

Four. Related matters

(1) Invite all provincial municipalities, counties (cities) directly under the provincial government and relevant departments (units) directly under the provincial government to start the implementation of major innovation projects at the provincial level and the system as soon as possible according to the spirit of "four batches" work experience exchange meeting, arrange the establishment of projects and financial support, and prepare for the recommendation to the provincial science and technology department. Work.

(2) The Provincial Science and Technology Department is making a special implementation plan for the transformation, upgrading and innovation of the province's "one hundred million yuan". Then, we will formally announce the declaration of recommendation for major innovative projects at the provincial level.

Five, contact consultation

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