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Chairman's speech

From now until the middle of this century, this generation is full of opportunities and challenges. It is the responsibility of every entrepreneur entrusted to us by the real society to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and speed up the development. It has become a common understanding and a consistent standard of struggle for every flying man to be conscious of this responsibility, to keep forging ahead and to make unremitting efforts for it.

Since its founding, Henan Feitian Agricultural Development Stock Co., Ltd., with the support of its customers and the efforts of Feitian people, has broken out a road of struggle and development with the characteristics of flying sky in the continuous and rapid development. With more than ten years of hard work, Feitian has developed into a modern enterprise with a certain scale and social influence, economic and social benefits increasing day by day.

First-class quality service consciousness, strong sense of social responsibility and the concept of rapid development of enterprises and returns to the community have laid a solid foundation for a faster, newer and higher development of the new century.

The revelation of history, the opportunities of reality and the challenges of the future are all condensed into two words -- development! Supporting these two words is diligence, wisdom and sweat. It is a solid step forward and endless. We firmly believe that the flying man who has contributed to the development and expansion of the flying sky, under the care of friends from all walks of life who have consistently given support and love to the flying sky cause, will be able to give full play to the wisdom and courage of the flying man in the 21st century when opportunities and challenges coexist, and will create a more brilliant future for the flying sky.

Wan Li Guan Shan from the beginning, the wind and waves are at that time. For the prosperity of our common cause, Feitian is willing to cooperate with all walks of life to create a better future hand in hand.